Our Meetings   ALL MEETINGS ARE A MIX of IN-PERSON and VIA ZOOM RIGHT NOW -See Calendar for each particular event 

Most of our meetings are open to the public. For details on speakers and topics please visit our calendar. If you have never been to a meeting please be our guest. Use coupon code ” guest ” at checkout to attend your first meeting on us!

REAPS Main Meeting

Bellevue Embassy Suites -along I-90 (Bellevue)
4th Thursday of each month
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Commercial Meals N Deals

Azteca Mexican Restaurant (Bellevue)  The Azteca is closed.  Looking for new location.
2nd Wednesday of each month.
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North Meals N Deals

Diamond Knot Brewpub (Mountlake Terrace)  - Live meetings not back yet.
1st Saturday of each month
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South Meals N Deals                                MEETINGS ARE ON A VARIED SCHEDULE RIGHT NOW due to Omicron- See Calendar

Poodle Dog Restaurant (Fife)
2nd Monday of each month   Poodle Dog is closed for events right now.
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Kitsap Meals N Deals

Cloverleaf Sports Bar & Grill (Bremerton) - Check calendar for next event
1st Wednesday of each month 
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Bellingham Meals N Deals

Jalapeños Barkley Village (Bellingham)
4th Wednesday of each month 
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CashFlow Game Night

Embassy Suites Hotel (Tukwila)
Once Quarterly - Check Calendar
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