Real Estate Association of Puget Sound (“REAPS”) Disclaimer.

All activities related to any kind of investing carries some form of risk.

REAPS events (meetings, seminars and other events open to members and/or the public), the REAPS web site ( and our printed and electronic newsletters are intended for educational and informational purposes only, and not a substitute for any legal, financial, economic, or professional advice of any type in matters concerning any kinds of investments or other purchases made by our members.

Members may be presented with educational materials, mentoring programs and other kinds of products, services and investment opportunities through various avenues, including (but not limited to) guest speakers, sponsor advertising and communications, web site links, newsletter articles and advertisements, statements by seminar or meeting leaders and other members. A person's status as a volunteer, seminar or meeting leader or master of ceremonies, committee member or board member does not (unless explicitly stated and/or agreed to in writing) imply any endorsement by or involvement by REAPS in the opportunity. Unless explicitly agreed to in writing between the parties, REAPS disclaims any liability associated with any opportunity, product or service offered to our members.

REAPS does no financial, statutory or other legal review of any opportunity presented to our members. It is not possible to take into account a member's personal circumstances in a review of any such opportunity. REAPS does perform due diligence on the individuals and companies presenting such opportunities that may include (but is not limited to) personal and business references, public and private investigation of past interactions with third parties and personal opinions of past clients and/or third party hearsay. Such due diligence is NOT a personalized review of the suitability of any opportunity, product or service for any specific member's needs.

REAPS strongly suggests seeking competent, advice from suitably qualified professionals before putting into effect any investment, product or service you are made aware of either through private conversation, public announcements, or electronic or printed media or while participating in REAPS events. Each individual should consult his/her own legal counsel, accountant and other advisors as appropriate to understand any legal, tax, tenant relations, purchases, sales, investment and economic, property management, or other matters.concerning any investments or other involvement.