Who Are We?


Real Estate Association of Puget Sound (REAPS) is one of the premier organizations for Real Estate Investors in the nation and the largest Real Estate Investor Association (REIA) in Washington State.  Since 1983, we have been providing Seattle Real Estate Investors education, networking, and resources for the Beginners to Advanced Real Estate Investors.

Your first meeting is free on us when you register.

We hold 70 FREE live events a year for members providing an incredible value for your membership.   We have monthly meetings in Mountlake Terrace, Bellevue, Tukwila, Fife and Bellingham.  Our events usually have 20 to 300 participants passionate about real estate.  With Bellevue being our largest meeting, which is often visited by top National Speakers.  We host a wide range of topics and real estate investing courses; from wholesaling to flips, buy and hold, lending, airbnb, rental management, market conditions, apartments, etc.  We also have a specific commercial topics group that meets in Bellevue.

Real Estate Investing in Seattle, or across the country, is easier with the right knowledge and connections!

REAPS is a non-profit for your education in Real Estate Investing Seattle!

REAPS mission is to provide our members the education, market information, resources and networking opportunities that expand and accelerate our members’ ability to successfully invest in real estate.
Our Recent Events:  
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 Apartment Market Dynamics with Candice Chevaillier, Oct 14 2020

Learning Title and Escrow with WFG National Title,  Oct 12 2020

Local Flippers Talk on Flipping in the Current Market,  Oct 10 2020

Navigating the Current Market and Lease Options with Jim Pellerin, Oct 1 2020

Short Sales with Bill and Dwan Twyford, Sept 24 2020

Networking on Zoom, Sept 14 2020

Apartment Investing- Building 1 to 5 by Gerry Swartz,  Sept 9 2020

Buying Off Market thru owning a We Buy Ugly Houses Franchise,  August 29 2020

Seattle Area Market Report with Todd Britsch,  August 17 2020  FREE SAMPLE MEETING

Screening your Tenant like your next Biz Partner by RENT PERFECT,  August 5 2020

Tax Savings with 1031s and the Personal Tax Exemption with Dave Foster, August 1 2020

Asset Protection Planning with Carl Zoellner, July 23 2020  FREE SAMPLE MEETING

Deal or No Deal- Market Analysis using Pellego's Tools by Gideon Sylvan, July 16 2020

Financial Planning for the Real Estate Investor by Fernando Pohina, July 13 2020

Choosing the Right Property Manager with Alberto Stein Rios, July 9 2020

Lease Options by Mike Sumsky and Doug Owens, July 1 2020

Local Apartment Market by REAPS Members, June 10 2020

Apartments with Anthony Chara and REAPS Members, June 4 2020

Credit Optimization and Restoration with Anthony Iacobucci, June 4 2020

Self Storage with Scott Meyers, May 28 2020

Deal Analysis with Gideon Sylvan, May 23 2020  

RE Brokers who service those that are BOTH Investors and Agents, May 19 2020

Short Term Rentals with Sherry Rui and Sarah Carter, May 11 2020  FREE SAMPLE MEETING

Apartment Market with Dylan Simon, May 6 2020

Landlord Laws Update with Christoper Cutting and Kaitlyn Jackson, April 23, 2020

Property Management by Katherine Swanberg and Tracy Minick, with Mortgage Market update with Shaun Guerrero, April 16, 2020

Wholesaling in Today's Market with Greg Gallagher, Apr 13, 2020

Gerry Swartz shares on Out of State Multifamily Investing, Apr 8, 2020

All in One Loan-Flexible loan to pay down mortgage or utilize equity, Apr 1, 2020

Hard Money lenders give Insight for right Now!  Mar 26, 2020  FREE SAMPLE MEETING

Private Money Lending with Ryan Gibson, Mar 21, 2020  FREE SAMPLE MEETING

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What Members Say:

"I have been a member of REAPS for the better part of 15 years. My membership had been incredibly instrumental in both launching and improving my real estate investment career. Mentors have been found, mentoring has been given, there have been great speakers (both local, national and international) and courses, and helpful relationships have been made. When I talk to people new to the real estate investment arena, I always point them in the direction of REAPS as it a treasure trove of people, knowledge, and learning. The first meeting is even free."

"When it comes to real estate investing in Seattle, REAPS is my go to! As a non-profit educating association for investors, it has people at the networking events who are friendly and knowledgeable, as well as lots of educational meetings and ways to learn and get involved in deals with partners. Plus they offer, food, fun and remote learning opportunities and tons of vendor partnerships for money sources or helping you with your deal--all for a really great low annual fee!"

"Best professional membership anyone can ask for: educational, great member support, exceptional speakers, membership fee next to nothing for what you get. Must join if you even think about investing in real estate."

"Very informative organization, great network of people to learn from and exchange leads. REAPS ROCKS!!"

"I owe much of my success in real estate to REAPS. The local market knowledge, the networking, the team building, and education is unsurpassed!"

"The Real Estate Association of Puget Sound has provided me with so much knowledge and education over the past 12 years! I can't imagine how I would have accomplished receiving the vast amount of knowledge that I have received from this amazing organization."

"Gain real estate investing knowledge here that can make a difference in your life. Top notch educators from around the county and local experts. Great networking and industry resources also. Fun folks and much cheaper way to learn real estate investing than the national promoters who want tens of thousands for similar education. Come check it out!"

"Best place to find team members.  Great education from speakers and other members."

"Great people, worthwhile education. Definitely worth a look."

"So much education at such a reasonable price. The best association I have affiliated with. Highly recommended!"

"REAPS is the place to be for Real Estate Everything!"

"Great association, glad to be a part of it!"

Get our EVENT Announcement EMAILS on Seattle Real Estate Investing educational classes by texting REAPS to 22828

Class is hopping on the bus to scout out houses that have the best rehab and investment potential.