Rachel Schneider and Jason Roberts' of REI Blueprint

on Marketing Your Way to Better Deals

Marketing Course includes:

  • A complete marketing plan for 4 acquisition strategies:

o   Probates

o   Pre-Foreclosures/Short Sales

o   Evictions

o   Local Banks

  • Walks through the Steps of Implementation for each strategy (guided for each):

o   Determining Marketing Area

o   Locating Your Data

o   Pulling Your Data

o   Purchasing Supplies

o   Skip Tracking

o   Lead Exhaustion Campaign

o   Tracking Metrics

  • Detailed Marketing Campaign (Tells you what to send when)
  • All of the Marketing Pieces for each campaign
  • Scripts and tracking docs
  • Bonus: 

o   How to answer common objections

o   Delegation options for outsourcing

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Thanks for joining us at REI Blueprint!  Rachel and Jason