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The Real Estate Association of Puget Sound (REAPS) is the premier Professional Association for real estate investors in the nation and the largest REIA in Washington State. Since 1983 we have been providing education and networking resources for the new to advanced real estate investor.

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What I Did Wrong - June 28

Tonight's meeting is all about our Members and THEIR stories. This is a meeting that everyone loves. Why? Because we know that real estate investing comes with bumps, bruises, mistakes, gaffs and lots of oops. Now, I know a GURU will tell you it's easy, repeatable and duplicatable....but the reality is that each transaction comes with its own unique problems to solve. No two transactions are the same and becoming a problem solver is really the number one tool in your toolbox you need to sharpen.  Tonight's meeting will highlight how a deal went sideways and how our members got the deal back on track.  It's a fun meeting and it takes some guts for people to stand up and volunteer to talk about what went wrong....so come on out and show your support!

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REAPS Real Estate EXPO - July 26

Please join us for our FREE Investor EXPO on July 26th in Bellevue. Sponsors Click Here.  Doors Open 6pm.  Network with Real Estate Investors, Private Lenders, Entrepreneurs & Deal Makers. This event draws over 400 attendees, it's FREE and always FUN!  This year's EXPO will offer valuable education to real estate professionals from real estate pioneers. You won’t find this information anywhere else. This event will begin with a panel consisting of professionals from within the real estate industry right here in THIS market!  We will also be a Q&A where you will be able to ask the panelists any questions you might have on your personal deals or anything else you would like advice on. After learning from the panelists there will be a huge networking night. This will give you all opportunity to connect with the top real estate professionals in Seattle. Looking for potential leads and valuable new connections? This is the time and the place to do it...

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